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ISI marked (IS:12585) Mitras THERMOPLASTIC FIRE HOSES for Hose Reels & Fire Extinguishers. The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has made it complusory to use IS:12585 (Thermoplastic Hose) or IS: 444 (Rubber Hose) marked for First Aid Hose Reel for Fire Fighting under IS: 884:1985. Our Thermoplastic hose is better than Rubber hose for Fire Hose application, as given below.

Sl. No. Criteria Thermoplastic Hose
1. Durability Non-biodegradable
Does not get cracked
Chemically stable
Very Durable
Does not de-polymereize
Longer shelf life
2. Flame Resistance Flame Resistant, Self extinguishing
3. Weight Lighter in weight
4. Pressure Better Pressure sustainability
5. Aesthetics Smooth surface finish
Looks much better
6. Abrasion & Kink Resistance Fluted finish for abrasion & kink resistance and stronger grip
7. Re-Cyclability Recyclable, being the thermoplastic, so comparatively eco-friendly
8. Value for money Even after super quality & so many benefits, Economical too.
9. Guarantee 2 Years Guarantee


* Material : Thermoplastic Hybrid Compound.
* Reinforcement : High Quality Synthetic Braided Yarn
* Adhesion between Lining & Cover : At least 1.4 kN/m, in accordance with IS:3400(Part-24):2001/ISO 8033:1991
* Bend Radius : can work at a radius of 5 times to the normal bore size, as specified in IS:12656:1989
* Workability : can work at high pressure as lab tested on calibrated machines
* Working Temperature : It can work upto 65oC atmospheric temperature without kinking, melting or any sign of collapse
* Fire retardant properties : Our Polyvinyl Chloride based Thermoplastic Hybrid Compound has inherently superior fire retarding properties due to its chlorine content. Its ignition temperature is as high as 455oC, and is a material with less risk for fire incidents since it is not ignited easily. It is a self extinguishing material and does not continue to burn. Furthermore, the heat released in its burning is considerably lower than other materials of similar use. It therefore contributes much less to spreading fire to nearby materials ven when burning. Therefore our Polyvinyl Chloride based compound is very suitable for safety reasons in products close to people's daily lives.
* Fluted Finish : We provide fluted fnish on our hoses for making them abrasion resistant while being dragged on the floor. This flute finish also provides stronger grip while holding with wet hands or otherwise. It also makes it kink resistant due to long grooves on its surface, which provide twist & bend resistance. Optionally, PLAIN finish is also available.

Density : 1.30 - 1.38 g/cm2
Tensile Strength : 2.60 N/mm2
Notched Impact Strength : 2.0 - 45Kj/m2
Yeild Strength : 10 - 25 MPa
Thermal Conductivity : 0.14 - 0.17 W(m.k)
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion : 80 x 10.6
Resistivity : 1012 - 1015mili Ohm
Melting Point : approx. 360oF - 182oC
Dilute Acids : Very Good
Dilute Alkalis : Very Good
Oils & Greases : Good (Variable)
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons : Very Good
Halogenated Hydrocarbons : Moderate (Variable)
Alcohols : Good (Variable)

ID (Nominal Bore) TYPE Working Pressure Bursting Pressure
20mm(3/4") TYPE - 1 6.2Kg/cm2 19.5Kg/cm2
20mm(3/4") TYPE - 2 10.2Kg/cm2 32.5Kg/cm2
20mm(3/4")   15Kg/cm2 45Kg/cm2
20mm(3/4")   20Kg/cm2 60Kg/cm2
25mm(1") TYPE - 1 6.2Kg/cm2 19.5Kg/cm2
25mm(1") TYPE - 2 10.2Kg/cm2 32.5Kg/cm2
12.5mm(1/2")   20Kg/cm2 60Kg/cm2

** Please Note :- Colours available - Black, Red & Yellow.

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